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Homeopathic remedies for influenza

Homeopathic remedies for influenza

With shortening days and the outside temperature dropping, we tend to become less active as winter approaches. This means that we can become more susceptible to catching the flu. 

Proper influenza is the type of viral illness that is not just a bad cold. You actually feel that you have no choice but to stay in bed.

Typical symptoms

Aching body
Mucous congestion
Painful chest

So which Homeopathic medicines do you take?

Outlined below are 5 common Homeopathic medicines and the symptoms to look for when selecting your medicine. Do not worry if not all the symptoms listed under the medicine are present as long as the main symptoms of the patient are well represented in the description.
I have not included common symptoms such as nasal congestion as it is almost always present with flu.

Belladonna 30

Symptoms come on very suddenly and there is a high fever with flushed face, staring eyes and sometimes incoherent behavior.

Oscillococcinum 200

This Homeopathic medicine is used all over the world as a preventative. Take it when close family members have the flu, or you have been at close quarters with someone with the flu. You can also give it when there are general flu symptoms that don’t fit into either of the other homeopathic medicines descriptions.

Gelsemium 30

This flu state is characterized by great weaknessand overall fatigue. There is often trembling from exertion and the patient may have chills up and down the spine. Droopy eyelids and dark circles.

Rhus Tox 30

Restlessness and aching muscles on initial movement which eases with further movement.

Eupatorium Perfolatum 30

Intense and deep seated aching in the bones, (especially in the back, wrists and ankles). Eyeballs may feel sore when turned. Patient is restless and chilly with a bursting headache.

Bryonia 30

Patient feels dried out, hot and thirsty and irritable with a cough that hurts the head. They are difficult to please.

How do I take the remedies?

If you are using the Oscillococcinum as a preventative, take it twice a day for up to 3 days.
With all other homeopathic medicines outlined above, give a single dose every 2 hours until relief is obtained. Repeat the medicine when the same symptoms appear to return. If there is no improvement after 3 doses, try another homeopathic medicine.

It is likely that with an influenza lasting several days, you will need different homeopathic medicines at different times as the patient’s illness progresses.

As with all illness, a strong immune system is very important so eating a broad diet big on fresh produce and green leafy vegetables and a diet that is zinc rich, will help you to minimize your susceptibility to Winter infections.