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First Light Travel Support

Keyword: Fresh and Alive

Negative Condition: Fatigue, fogginess, tiredness, motion sickness

Positive Outcome: Refreshed, reenergised, reintegrated, revitalised

Product Description: A highly effective energising plant extract formula. Promotes natural emotional and energetic balance after travel. Helps to feel fresh and alive during and after travel. Can be used during travelling or relocation, overseas and local.

Ingredients: Alkaline mineral water (aqua), natural preservative (pure alcohol), aqueous botanical infusions of Clematis (Clematis paniculata), Kowhai (Sophora microphylla), Shining Spleenwort (Asplenium oblongifolium), Kanuka (Kunzea ericoides), Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum), Bracken Fern (Pteridium esculentum).


Easy to Use: Spray 2-4 times under the tongue

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