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MEBO Restore 40g

MEBO restore aids in returning elasticity, fading scars and blemishes MEBO restore is made from naturally-based ingredients. MEBO restore works by Providing a healthy environment for the natural recovery of scarred or blemished skin Supporting the natural repair and regeneration of new skin Assisting in reducing cracking and soothing the skin Assisting in the cleansing and protection of new skin


Newly healed scarred skin:

Apply MEBO restore to the scarred skin 3 - 4 times a day for 2 -3 days. You may observe the scar turn from dark red to light red or see wrinkles appear, this is a normal part of the natural healing process. Continue application until scarred skin becomes soft and smooth.

More serious scarring:

If possible, wash the affected area with warm water daily. Apply MEBO restore as above. On older scarring, gently massage the area with your finger for 5 - 10 minutes. DO NOT massage newly healed wounds.Continue this initial process for three months. Check for changes to the scarring, positive changes include darkening of scarred skin, fine hair growth and softening of the skin. Continue application of MEBO restore until the skin becomes soft, smooth and skin pigmentation is restored. This can take up to one year.

Special application:

To further protect the affected area, an elastic bandage can be used. Apply MEBO restore to the scarred skin, then dress with 1 - 2 layers of gauze, cover with an elastic bandage, making sure to avoid excessive pressure to allow adequate blood circulation. Reducing the urge to scratch: Can be done be by applying MEBO restore. If not, cool the skin by covering with a wet cool towel for 10 -20 minutes after applying the ointment. If the desire to scratch persists use MEBO anti itch. DO NOT scratch.


Precautions: Stop using if allergic or adverse reaction occurs. Not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist see your health professional. Use as directed.

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