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Fibonacci remedies

A system of working with potencies devised by Dr Joe Rozencwajg.

"Homeopathy is based upon a Law of Nature: the Law of Similars.

Accordingly, the choice of potencies should be done according to a Law of Nature. Two hundred years of Homeopathic practice has shown that one of the most contentious issues, with everybody having a different opinion and method, is the choice of potencies.

To solve this issue, a simple practical solution has been designed, using a universal Law of Nature: the Fibonacci series of numbers in the form of the Fibonacci Potencies: 3C, 5C, 8C, 13C, 21C, 34C, 55C, 89C, 144C and 233C taken in that order. This not only removes the guesswork from choosing a potency but has also been shown over the last twelve years that, if the remedy is correctly selected, the action is faster and deeper while being safe when the correct methodology is followed".

Available as single powders or granule form

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