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New Era Kali phos 6

New Era 6 Kali phos

New Era Tissue Salt No.6 Kali Phos is used for nerve soothing, exhaustion, indigestion, headache and stress due to worry or excitement.

More about New Era tissue salt:

  • Homoeopathically prepared remedy
  • No side effects from the active ingredients
  • Simple to take and safe with other medicine or supplements
  • No danger of overdose
  • A small percentage of people are sensitive to lactose, which forms the base of the tablets, and those people should check with their doctor before taking New Era tissue salt
  • Tablets are pleasant tasting and dissolve instantly to get to work straight away

Adults: Dissolve 4 Tablets on or under the tongue 3 times per day. 
Children: Dissolve 2 Tablets on or under the tongue 3 times per day. 
Infants: Dissolve 1 Tablet on or under the tongue 3 times per day. 



Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Store in a cool dry place out of the reach and sight of children.
You should tip the tablets into the lid of the tub and then straight into your mouth - homoeopathic preparations are best if not contaminated by handling.

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