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New Era Mag phos 8

New Era 8 Mag phos

New Era Tissue Salt No.8 Mag Phos is used for cramp, neuralgia, flatulence and spasmodic nerve pains. 

More about New Era tissue salt:

  • Homoeopathically prepared remedy.
  • No side effects from the active ingredients.
  • Simple to take and safe with other medicine or supplements.
  • No danger of overdose.
  • A small percentage of people are sensitive to lactose, which forms the base of the tablets, and those people should check with their doctor before taking New Era tissue salt.
  • Tablets are pleasant tasting and dissolve instantly to get to work straight away.

Acute: Four tablet every two hours until symptoms improve Chronic: Take four tablets three times daily.


If symptoms do not improve or get worse, please seek the advice of your health practitioner.

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